How to Write a Professional Resume – THE Resource YOU need.

Product Name: How to Write a Professional Resume – THE Resource YOU need.

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Create A Show-Stopping Resume Today and End Your Job-Searching Efforts for Good!

Stop Right Now! You’ve Found the Ideal Solution to Creating Your Perfect Resume Right Here!

I’m Carla Vaughan, an internationally acclaimed Resume Expert. I’ve helped thousands of people find the perfect career by showing them how to write professional resumes and cover letters.

For over 20 years in the personnel/human resources industry, I’ve helped people in every industry understand that a resume is your personal marketing tool, it defines WHO you are, and sparks the interest of recruiters.

But that’s not all. I was THE Resume Advisor of for many years.

I was SO GOOD at offering resume advice that the owner of this mega-site asked me to write 200 resumes to add to his site. What a testimonial!

Enough about me, though… let’s talk about YOU…

Are you looking for a Resume Expert to lead the way to your job-search success?

I Will Be Your Personal Resume Expert!

I’m offering you instant answers to your REAL career-hunting questions. My complete step-by-step system is loaded with superbly written resume-related information.

I’ll give you everything you need to know about resume writing, written in a style that is easy to understand.

In fact, with this information it’s easy – almost like waving a magic wand – to write your resume today and make employers call you with great job offers.

That’s exactly what I’m offering you!

“How to Write a Professional Resume” This Ebook Has Everything You’d Ever Need for Resume-Writing Success

Once you get your hands on my “How to Write a Professional Resume” book, you’ll have a complete set of intuitively designed worksheets, forms, examples and instructions – all created with your career-building needs in mind!

By using my easy-to-follow steps, you’ll learn how to take your resume from fair to fabulous!

Writing a show-stopping resume is not easy. It could take you months to figure out just the right components that make a resumes compel employers to ask for an interview.

And, if you have never written a resume before, you’ll learn how to create a professional resume from scratch from the examples that I provide each step of the way.

I want your job search efforts to succeed!

Behind Every Successful Career, There’s a Powerful Resume
Just Ask People at the Top

But don’t take my word for it.

Here’s what other remarkable people like you, who realize that the future is theirs for the taking, have to say:

I’ve just read “How to Write a Professional Resume” and, from an employer perspective, I found it to be right on the money! I’ve hired hundreds (maybe even thousands) of people in my 25 years in business and I have found that many resumes disappoint and are often totally unrelated to the job that is available. Carla Vaughan’s book will help job applicants focus on how to be more successful in applying for a job. She has excellent strategies and techniques that are easy to understand and easy to use. I would highly recommend this book to people who want their resumes to be read.

I just finished reading “How to Write a Professional Resume” and wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your ebook.

Your e-book was an eye-opener… all the information and advice on writing a professional resume was invaluable. The actual examples you included was a real winner for me.

I really found the articles you included very valuable and useful, too.

Thank you for a great resource.

Nigel, South Africa

I Make it Easy for YOU to Achieve Your Dreams

When the Society of Human Resource Managers (SHRM) requested my help in creating an article for their 200,000+ membership, I was more than honored to oblige.

Because SHRM is the most recognized and acclaimed Professional Association in the Human Resource industry. Garnering their trust and respect is quite an achievement and I am thrilled that they came to me for expert advice.

So, when you get your hands on “How To Write A Professional Resume”, you get to benefit from all my years of experience in the industry and all my time spent as a trusted advisor for SHRM. I’ll show you how to write a resume that helps you get the job you want to achieve more in life.

Just remember, there are a lot of resume books out there that can TELL you how to write a resume. What sets “How to Write a Professional Resume” apart is that it will SHOW you how to create your own resume – QUICKLY!

I recently read “How to Write a Professional Resume” and, as an employee, I wish I’d had this book when I was looking for work earlier in 2008. I’ve written numerous resumes over the past ten years and never had one turn out as well as when I followed Carla Vaughan’s advice. Her book will help individuals create resumes they can feel confident will reflect their best to an employer. Carla provides easy to understand tips and tricks that anyone can use, no matter what their career. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is currently looking for work or planning to change jobs or careers.

My EBook Gives You Expert Advice Every Step of the Way!

You will see exactly how to create an outstanding resume by turning a blank piece of paper into a job-winning, professional resume.

It includes simple instructions on how to take your information and put it in 3 of the most common resume formats:

I’ve organized one professional’s qualifications into the three different formats so you can easily see which one will be most effective for you.

Take a Look at My Six Core Resume-Writing Steps:

No Other Resume EBook Does It Like This

Click here to get your copy now!

So, what makes my book “How to Write a Professional Resume” different from any other book on resume writing?

If you are thinking of going to the local bookstore to buy a book on resume writing save your time and gas. Carla Vaughan’s “How to Write a Professional Resume” e-book is all you need. It is concise and to the point with a wealth of information including blank forms that guide you through putting your resume together. These forms alone will save you hours of work if you have not updated your resume in a while. There is also a section on changing careers which is very timely and informative.

Chuck Muller
Ocoee, Florida

You Can Finally Get the Edge You Need Over All Other Job Candidates

Most resume-writing books on the market waste your time showing hundreds of other people’s resumes, which forces you to match your skill set to those of others… Just ignore this outdated cookie-cutter approach.

That’s why my ebook guides you step-by-step through writing your attention-grabbing resume, showing just one person’s example throughout the whole process. It saves you tons of time by providing easy-to-understand explanations and examples, along with many helpful worksheets and a personal inventory document.

There Are No Hidden Secrets

I’ll tell you everything I know. You will have all the information you really need, so that you know the truth about what grabs employers’ attention in a resume.

Most people don’t understand the crucial components of a professional resume. I’ve covered all the grounds so that you stop wasting time on parts that don’t matter.

I found your book very helpful and enjoyable to read. I really liked
the fact that you wrote it in a conversational style.

Ontario, Canada

Why Does “How to Write a Professional Resume” WORK?
Because it’s all about YOU!

I can tell you, you’re going to love it. You’ll get the best possible education and advice. So if you’re tired of guessing what will make your resume stand out:

Use My EBook and Write the Resume You Need
to Capture the Career You Truly Deserve

Look at What Else I’ve Included in My EBook:

220 Power Words to Command Employers’ Attention in Less than a Sentence: add muscle to your resume by using powerful action verbs and adjectives (pg. 34)

Blank Forms & Worksheets and Personal Inventory Forms: get the convenience to print how many you like (pg. 41)

Compelling Cover Letters: the perfect outline of an effective cover letter, including the opening, middle, and closing paragraphs – what to say, where (pg. 50)

Cover Letter Tips: 18 crucial do’s and don’ts that will help you refine your cover letter and beat out your competitors (pg. 52)

All this valuable information is neatly organized in an easy to follow logical structure to help you achieve YOUR goals and dreams, RIGHT NOW!

Plus Two Must-Have Bonuses! Don’t Miss It.

The 30 Second Scan – An Employer’s Perspective What Accomplishments to Include and What to Leave Out Resume Mistakes: Do Not Let This Happen to You! How to Make a Great First Impression How to Win an Interview Resume Writing Services – Why You Shouldn’t Don’t Go There

Your Career Philosophy: Will It Lead You to Success? The Employer’s Frame of Mind : 15 Secrets from “the Other Side” How to Impress the Employer How to Change Your Resume When You Change Careers Alternatives to Regular Jobs How to Apply for Federal Work

What is This Incredible Resource Going to Cost YOU?

What is the cost of being unemployed? What is the cost of weeks and months of stressing out over whether your resume will secure an interview or not?

Exactly right! And in the end, your resume might end up looking like everybody else’s.

So what are your chances to stand out from the crowd?

“How To Write a Professional Resume” empowers you to create your own, unique, job-winning resume that gets noticed — for a fraction of what you’d pay an expert.

Don’t You Owe It to Yourself to Not Miss this Incredible Deal?

Start on the Path to Getting Your perfect Career Instantly!

“How to Write a Professional Resume” is an eBook (electronic book).

Once you place your order, you are instantly directed to a secured page where you download the book including the two FREE Bonuses. Don’t worry, it is all automated and really very easy — and FAST!

Click here to order your copy now!

My book makes available exactly the right information you need at the right time! It has worked for hundreds of people from all over the world and I guarantee that it will work for you too!

90 Day, No-Hassle, 100% Money Back Guarantee

“How to Write a Professional Resume” is all you will ever need. Order my book. Follow the step-by-step guide. Fill in the forms. Complete the worksheets.

Use the Power-Words throughout your resume and cover letter. Read and discover the secrets in the two Article Collection Bonuses.

If you aren’t 100% thrilled with the result, drop me a note within 90 days and I’ll refund your money, no questions asked. And keep my book, at my expense.

Carla Vaughan
Resume Expert

P.S. You know you need an outstanding resume – and why pay hundreds of dollars to a resume service when you can write a job-winning resume yourself?
Here’s what I suggest. Don’t decide now. Order my book. Give it a try. Absorb the little-known information in the free articles.

Remember, you don’t risk anything because you have my 90-Day 100% money back guarantee.

Click here to order your copy now!

P.P.S. How much worrying, stress and frustration could you easily avoid by learning the little-known secrets of a powerful, attention-grabbing resume?

Are you willing to sit there struggling while that happens?

Click here to get How to Write a Professional Resume – THE Resource YOU need. at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

How to Write a Professional Resume – THE Resource YOU need. is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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